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David Corbaley is The Real Estate Commando

When I started as a Real Estate Investor back in 2002, I ended up struggling for 2-3 years to get my business off the ground. It was an unfriendly roller coaster ride, full of stress, anxiety and frustration.

I fell back on my trainings as an Army Green Beret, and used those skills to develop unconventional methods of marketing. Strategies that nobody else was using. Strategies that worked…

When I figured out the whole “marketing” thing, everything else fell into place. Learning how to produce a steady stream of motivated seller leads helped me to achieve financial independence.

I left my then career as a Seattle Firefighter back in 2006, and have been financially free ever since.

Now, I’m sharing my knowledge and insights with you, in the hope that you will achieve your goals as well, using the missing piece – Leads.

Why Listen to The Real Estate Commando?

Simple. I get results. Would you like to become one of the many students across the country who have learned how to master their Real Estate Business with my help?

Exclusive Access to High Value Lead Strategies

You’ll learn cutting edge strategies which will help you find motivated seller leads where nobody else is looking

Instant Access to Motivated Seller Training

You’ll get access to our high-valued posts and articles that show you how to find leads fast

Secrets of the Pros

Insider secrets I've learned from rubbing elbows with the best real estate investors in the country

Tools and Resources

Our tribe gets access to amazing resources and downloads to put in their Real Estate War Chest

In order to be successful in today's world, you must learn to do things that your competition is not willing to do...”

What Our Real Estate Commandos Are Saying


Lots of meat, and you ain't holding back nothing!




Dave, I just wanted to say thank you! Your program is awesome and the results are amazing!


Investor and Agent


Just got 4 leads. About to ramp it up to 3-4 leads a day!



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