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Join an Ex-Army Green Beret to Help Take America Back from The Brink!

Our Country is currently in a state of economic DISASTER! Together, we can make a difference, and help create financial stability for our families in the process.

**More than 3 Million Homeowners (and growing!) are currently in Foreclosure**

Follow this proven system to quickly start wholesaling houses anywhere in the US - taking the burden off of these homeowners AND making big paydays for doing it!

We were originally going to make this system available for $997, but due to the current situation in our Country, David has decided to make this available for a limited time for just $7! 

Why? He's sick and tired of seeing our Country being ripped apart and has decided that together, we can all be a part of the solution...

Get started NOW for just $7 and start helping this amazing community bring America back from the brink of failure. All while making big paychecks for your service!

This is the Complete Blueprint to getting your first or next deal done within 30 days or less.

Here's an Overview of what you'll get:

Module 1 - The Foundation

  • Overview of Wholesaling Mastery and why this works so well
  • The Basics of the System and how to navigate it for fastest results
  • Our "Success Start" so you get off the ground FAST and start getting traction, deals and paychecks

Module 2 - Finding Awesome Deals

  • What is a Motivated Seller and what "creates" them
  • How to pick your target investing market in 6 minutes (and leave your competitors in the dust)
  • Building a highly targeted list of prospective sellers
  • Using "Motivation Stacking" to increase your success rate by 643%
  • Marketing Strategies that work in today's market (these are brilliant)
  • Managing your deals effectively - YES, you will have so many that it'll require a system to manage them all. Tough problem, right?

Module 3 - Talking to Sellers

  • Why we emphasize on helping the seller vs. making offers, and why our success rate destroys the competition
  • Listen in on amazing Seller calls so you understand what REALLY works and what to say. NOT some old stuff from a 2004 course...
  • Determining seller needs so you can solve their problem and create win/win deals for everyone!

Module 4 - Analyzing Deals and Evaluating

  • Analyzing deals to determine potential in just minutes
  • Using awesome software to quickly get comps on any deal so you know the value right away
  • Simple formulas we use to determine if a deal is a "Deal, or NO Deal" within just 10 minutes
  • Creating repair estimates on the fly so you have tools to use during negotiations

Module 5 - Negotiating and Making Offers

  • Creating win/win outcomes so the seller is eager to work with you. hint: your competitors do NOT know how to do this!
  • Creating a multi-offer strategy that increases your chances of success by 138%
  • Guiding the conversation with the seller so things flow smoothly and end with a perfect outcome - success!
  • Using comps and other data from previous modules to help the seller understand why your offer is the best!

Module 6 - The Paperwork

  • Different forms and what they're used for
  • How to fill out each form and why we do it the way we do
  • Important clauses that keep your deals safe
  • Caveats to avoid any issues with your deals (These are important!)
  • The full suite of forms to run your business with

Module 7 - Exit Strategies

  • Why you must know multiple Exit Strategies to avoid becoming a "1-Trick Pony" like most other Investors are
  • Extensive Wholesaling training - This is the focus of this system and the fastest way to get a deal done
  • Doing deals without cash, credit or experience
  • Additional Exit Strategies so you're armed with multiple ways to do a deal

Module 8 - Closing Deals

  • Title Companies and Preliminary Title
  • Using Closing Agents/Attorneys to close your deals easily
  • What to expect on Closing Day
  • YES! PAYDAY! This is where it all comes together!


  • Investor Personality Test - Determine what type of deals you should be doing to maximize your results
  • Direct Mail Playbook - Our secret playbook that yields up to 10% response rate with our mailing campaigns - WOW!
  • Bonus Phone Scripts - Have a script arsenal for multiple different types of deals so you always know what to say
  • Bonus Forms - Memo to protect your deals, LLC Assignment forms, Memo of Option and many more
  •  Virtual Assistant Playbook - How to find, hire and train Virtual Assistants to help you run your business and do all of the time-taking tasks

2 Tickets to Commando LIVE

Real Estate Investing Bootcamp!

Virtual Real Estate Investing Event

Learn right from the comfort of your own home/office

You'll learn everything that we and our students are doing right now to:

  • Find motivated sellers in any market
  • Sign up deals no matter what the competition
  • Help sellers out of bad situations and make big paychecks in the process
  • Scale your business to create your dream life!

Look at what others said about the last event:

This Virtual Bootcamp ALONE is MORE Than Reason Enough To Join Our Community!

BONUS: You get TWO FREE Tickets when you join us today!

Limited Time Special:

Only $7 (One-time)

David Corbaley


The Real Estate Commando

Personal Message from David:

My Friend, I know where you are.
I KNOW that you're trying to find the path to a better, more financially secure life. 

Your success is truly important to me.

As a matter-of-fact, I take it personally. 

I realize you are exactly where I was many years ago, hoping to find an honest person to really show you the way. NOT just sell you more crap.

You have my personal promise:

I will give you my all during any of our time together. I will do my best to provide you with the knowledge to start and grow your real estate business and build your dreams. 

You'll see after just a few minutes that you've found a new family. A like-minded family who cares, wants to help others, and will also help one another succeed. I truly hope to see you inside.

Also Included with Wholesaling Mastery:

Full access to our amazing Customer Success Team! Our entire team is here for you and are dedicated to helping you succeed.

Ongoing Access to all updates of this System. Once you own it, you own it, including all of our continued updates!

Insider Access to any of our new products and systems! We'll let you know whenever we have something new, and you'll get first access and at a huge discount!

The Time Is NOW

Today, you can get this entire Wholesaling Mastery System for a Deeply Discounted Price (over 98% off!) of only $7!

Launch your Real Estate business FAST, and take advantage of over 40 years of our expertise!

You DESERVE Success. You know you have the ability. You know you can make it. You've felt it inside of you for years. NOW, you have the solution.

Join our amazing Community today and get started for just $7

Limited Time Special:

Only $7 (One-time)

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