How To Find Your First Or Next Real Estate Deal

WITHOUT any previous experience ...even in a recession, unstable marketplace, and with higher interest rates!

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2022 can be the year you FINALLY meet your Real Estate Investing Goals...

 Get ready to start lining up deals, making paydays to yourself and living the life you've been dreaming of

- and I'm giving you the HOW.... All FREE during this Bootcamp!

Look at what others said about the last event:


In Just A Couple Hours, You Will Learn:

  • What's working NOW to easily find highly motivated sellers in competitive markets
  • How we use "push-button marketing" so there's no need to do all the hard work
  • How to talk to Sellers and know exactly what to say (and what NOT to say!)
  • How to quickly Evaluate prospective deals with our new software
  • Structuring win/win Deals that leave everyone happy and always gets a YES
  • Access to our deal funding so you can quickly get your deals (if they need funding) funded
  • Over $2600 worth of Training and Bonuses for each person who attends!
  • Much, Much More - all for FREE!

- Listen to What People Say About Our Training -

Just Incredible! I don't know what to say. You guys are so genuine...

-Rob M.

Thank you for making it easy!

-Mary F.

SO much value - I can't wait to see what's next...

-Kevin M.

David, you and Chad are beyond wonderful! (No video but the audio is awesome!)

-Sid P.

You have given us so much information! We appreciate it from the bottom of our hearts...

-The Mukasas

What's Included When You Register:

During the Live Bootcamp, I'll be covering the following information PLUS SO MUCH MORE!!

101RE Playbook!

We'll go DEEP into our very own RE101 Playbook!

101 PROVEN ways to find HIGHLY DISCOUNTED DEALS in any market!

This is our own Playbook that we created for our own business. It's amazing and you only need a couple of the methods to make a killing!

Marketing For Real Estate Acquisition

We'll reveal the exact strategy we're using!

Online marketing that our students across the country are using to CRUSH their competition....

(And much of it is FREE!)

Scaling Your Business!

Ready to SCALE? This bootcamp isn't just for newbies! 

Forget about what WE are doing - We have students doing 90+ deals at ONCE!

We'll teach you all about scaling, just like we've taught our other students, so that you can grow your biz as big as you dream!

Winning the Direct Mail Game!

We'll reveal the exact strategy we're using!

We're going to open the cover of our own Direct Mail Playbook where you'll learn how to get up to 20% response rate on your mailings!

It's all in WHO you target!

Scaling Your Business!

Ready to SCALE? This bootcamp isn't just for newbies! 

Forget about what WE are doing - We have students doing 90+ deals at ONCE!

We'll teach you all about scaling, just like we've taught our other students, so that you can grow your biz as big as you dream!


Deep Dive Training On Our Amazing

Deal-Finding Software

This New Software Finds Deals, Determines Offers, Does Comps, Repair Estimates - Everything!

Incredible Motivated Seller Data

Collect Seller and Buyer leads with a few clicks of a mouse! Market to those leads with SMS, Email, Ringless Voicemail, even direct mail using our awesome DFY service!

View a Snapshot of your Entire Business!

Property Cards Show Your Deals...

Lead and Property Data At Your Fingertips

DATA! Comps, Title Reports,  Property Reports, Absentee lists, Vacant lists, Probate lists, Foreclosure lists Skip Tracing and more! You can even pull contact information of the property owner - WOW!

Property Reports

Prospecting Leads

Easily List
Your Properties On 
Any Website

List any of your properties on your own (or ours!) selling website with the click of a button. Build your buyers list by requiring site visitors to submit their contact information and get approval before viewing any of your property data. You can even use our Nationwide Buyer's List! This is brilliant!

Property Listing Card


NO Airfare, NO Hotel costs, NO Leaving your home,

NO leaving your family. 

 Learn right from the comfort of your own home!

Thanks Dave and Chad! You can't compare to this!

All you so-called gurus out there can kick rocks!


I now know how to go from Real Estate Investor wanna-be to Actual Investor!

This has been incredible - SO much more than any other event.


My Friend, I know where you are.

I KNOW that you're trying to find the path to a better, more financially secure life. 

Your success is truly important to me.

As a matter-of-fact, I take it personally. 

I realize you are exactly where I was many years ago, hoping to find an honest person to really show you the way. NOT just sell you more crap.

You have my personal promise.

I will give you my all during these 2 days. I will do my best to provide you with the knowledge to start and grow your real estate business and build your dreams. 

You'll see after just a few minutes that you've found a new family. A like-minded family who cares, wants to help others, and will also help one another succeed. I truly hope to see you there. 

David Corbaley

The Real Estate Commando


I am amazed...

I couldn't sleep last night because I am so excited!

Just the last 15 minutes alone solved all my funding problems...

David, in everything he's sent me over the years is still even bigger than life in person. He is true to everything he's ever said.

His training partner Chad is obviously cut from the same cloth.

They walk the walk, they don't just talk the talk.

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