Learn How to Find HOT Markets Across The USA and Avoid Failing Markets!

Free Workshop Where You'll Learn How to Find HOT Markets So You Can Avoid Failing Markets and Build an Amazing Business!

avoid these markets

You'll Learn How to Quickly Find Hot Markets!

(And avoid crashing markets!)

Real Estate Commando

Army Green Beret

David Corbaley

What You'll Learn During The Workshop:

How to Find Current Hot Markets in the USA

You'll learn the specific criteria we use to determine winning markets, so that you can avoid becoming a statistic (picking a failing market will kill your business).

The "Magic Button" Software We Use

You'll see how to take a process that would typically take hours, and distill it down into less that 30 seconds to find the hottest, winning markets all across the US.

Stop Guessing! Over 50% of Markets are FAILING

Over 50% of ALL US Metro Housing Markets are FAILING. Overpriced. Nothing is selling. Thousands of houses for sale in a single market...

Going into one of these failing markets, thinking you're going to be a successful investor will ruin you. Instead, you'll learn how to pick WINNERS!

Market Data. MLS Data.

How to access real estate market data and MLS data across the entire US, giving you instant access to real data so you know exactly what the different markets are doing.

This will enable you to avoid failing, crashing markets, and quickly choose the winning markets where you can do deals and make paydays fast.

Reviews From People Who Have Attended David's Trainings

Why I'm Doing This:

I've heard over and over, from hundreds of people, the challenges they've been having trying to launch and grow their real estate business.

They've shared how they've tried other things. Bought courses, taken programs, and how nothing is working for them. Together, we are going to change that.

Right now, over 50% of ALL US housing markets are failing. Yes, crashing. If you pick a failing market with the intent of making money in real estate, you will be greatly disappointed. 

I'm pulling back the curtain and showing you how to quickly pick awesome, winning markets, so you can succeed in this crazy time.


“ I'm Building an Army of Real Estate 'Commandos', And Enabling Them to Make a Major Impact On America 

David is an ex-army Green beret

21 years
of experience

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